Do you want to start your Lash Wholesale business?

Most girls would love to start a small Lash Business when party seasons comes, so if you want buy Lash Wholesale order, you should find good lash vendors. And today will share more tips to you to help you start your Lashes Business, and make bulk order when the Christmas comes.

Lash Wholesale
Lash Wholesale

First, Where to buy Wholesale Lashes?

Two easy ways to help you find your wholesale lashes vendor:

First, Google

You can use keyword Lash Vendors to search on Google, and Google will give you too many suggestions and vendors Lists, what you should do is that check them one by one, contact with them and make sample orders test the quality first, and then make bulk orders.

Second, Social media

You search lash vendors on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, but you should check them if they are the real Lashes Factory, but you can check the photo they post on the Social media, which will help you make good decisions.

You can easily find the website and information you want, and then contact them by telephone or website.

As you know, most of the Lash Vendor and Factory come from China, so if you want to find the best lash vendors, you should choose China Lashes Vendors.

Lashes Wholesale
Lashes Wholesale

How to choose Lash Wholesale Mink Lashes?

When you find your Lashes Vendors, you should test the quality of the wholesale mink lashes.

First, put them on and feel the Comfort.

The high-quality mink lashes feel soft and lightweight, do not cause eye strain.

Second, test the band of the strip lashes.

The best mink lashes are made of cotton, light strong and soft.

The top of the mink fur

The best mink fur come to the tail of the young mink, which is sharpen and strait.

Bad mink fur are the broken ones.
You can check with magnifiers, so that you can easily find the details.

best mink lashes
best mink lashes

How to build Lashes Wholesale brand?

If you want to build your lash brand, five things you should have:

First, Brand Name.

This is the basic name you should have, so that you customer will remember you and your business.

Second, Lashes Logo

You should also have a Lashes Logo, if you want to do Free Lashes Logo, please leave comments below, we can design a free one for you if you order lashes and packaging from us.

Third, Build one Website

You should show your product and services on your business website, you can choose Shopify, so that your customers can shop on your website directly.

You should also show your brand name, logo on your website, in order to make a professional visual effect. Which will help to promote your lashes business.

We also supply high-quality product photo taken by our cameraman, and our website engineer will help you build your website too. so we supply one-shop service, and we can help you build your lashes brand step by step with professional skills.

Fourth, Social media

You should build all your official social media account, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest.

Show all the information about your products and services, begin with your friends and family, so that you will get more and more customers.

And link all the social medias to your website, so that your customer can buy them directly.

Fifth, Custom Lashes packaging

You should also do custom lash packaging, put on your brand name and logo on the front of the box, so that your consumer can easily remember them, and buy from you again.

You can start with 30 or 50 boxes, but if you want to get a good wholesale price, you can buy more, the more the cheaper.

Emma Lashes Factory systerm
Emma Lashes Factory systerm

How much do Individual false lashes wholesale cost?

If you want to get a good wholesale price, you should find a good lashes factory, but you should also buy high-quality individual false lashes in order to attract more and more customer and build your lashes brand.

If you buy Faux Mink Lashes, that will be 1 USD to 2 USD. And if you buy natural mink lashes, that will be 2 USD to 4 USD according to the quality and quantity.

And if you buy long Dramatic Mink Lashes that will be from 3 USD to 5 USD, and if you buy bad lashes, that will be too much cheaper, but you will lose your customers and destroy your lashes brand at last.

So I suggest you should buy high-quality lashes at a good cheap wholesale price, besides, the more the cheaper.

If you want to buy cheap wholesale high-quality lashes, please feel free contact us by WhatsApp. We will give you a good wholesale price.

lashes business
lashes business

Why choose Low MOQ Lash Vendors as your first vendor?

Most of the Lashes Vendor have high MOQ limit, so that if you want to start your lash business, you should at least buy 30 pairs lashes.

But if you are new, you should test the lashes first, so you have no ideas which style is the best seller, so you want to test each style.
So you should choose the Mink Lashes Vendor, such as Emma Lashes, who have no MOQ limit.

All of our lashes are in stock, and you can order any style lashes you love, and no MOQ limit for you.

So if you are newer and starter, never miss Emma Lashes. We will be the perfect Lashes Factory who can help you start your lash business step by step with patience.

Lashes Business online
Lashes Business online

Why so many girls love to choose Mink Lashes Wholesale business?

I do suggest young girls start a small business online at the CONVID-19 period.

So most of the girls would love the start the business with lashes.

First, easy to start.

Yeah, you can start your lash business easily if you find your mink lashes vendor.

Second, Low invest.

You can start with only $50 if you find a helpful lashes vendor such as Emma Lashes, which is cheap and affordable.

Third, Easy to sold them out.

As you know, if you buy your mink lashes from website or lash shop, you will at least spend $15 to $25, but if buy cheap wholesale lashes from the lashes factory, you can easily sold them out with only $10 to $15. There will be $5 to $10 profits each style.

More issues about the lash business, please feel free contact us, we will try our best to help you.

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